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scandinavians at work

Northern Delights (DE)

Gestalten Verlag (2013) Northern Delights. Scandinavian home, interiors and design. Berlin; Gestalten Verlag

Das Design Buch Berlin (DE)

Zitty Berlin (2013) Das Design Buch Berlin 2013. Berlin; Zitty Berlin

Geo/ Graphics (CN)

Viction:ary (2012) Geo/ Graphics - Simple Form Graphics in Print and Motion. Hong Kong; viction:workshops ltd.

O´Clock (IT)

Catalogue from the exhibition O´Clock, Milano; Triennale di Milano Design Museum (11.10.11 - 08.01.12)

A touch of Code, interactive installations and experiences (DE)

Gestalten Verlag (2011) A touch of Code - interactive installations and experiences. Berlin; Gestalten Verlag

Design by Nature, Kollisjon mellom Kultur og design/ arkitektur i Norge (SE)

Bengtsson, S. (2011) Design by Nature - Kollisjon mellom Kultur og design/ arkitektur i Norge. Stockholm; Avinius Förlag

Delicate, new food culture (DE)

Gestalten Verlag (2011) Delicate - new food culture. Berlin; Gestalten Verlag


A new Type of Imprint (NO)

A new Type of Imprint (2015) Timeless Objects - Interview. Oslo; Vol#5, Page 64


Basic. Kokker og smykker (2015) Kvinnelig klokkedesign. Sandefjord; Mai, Page 53

Homespun (AU)

Homespun (2014) The scientific approach. North Ryde; May, Page 82

TL Mag (BE)

TL MAGAZINE (2013) Nordic Delights. Brussels; Spring, Page 74

Etapes (FR)

Etapes (2013) Slow design. Paris; Vol#212, Page 139

A&W (DE)

Architecture & Wohnen (2013) Clips. Hamburg; Vol#6, Page 50

Wallpaper (UK)

Wallpaper (2012) Kitchen Digest, Newspaper. London; July, Page 013


DAMn Magazine (2012) Productivity. Brussels; Nr. 34, Page 144


FORM (2012) Tema Belysning. Stockholm; Nr. 4, Page 77

Elle Decor (JP)

Elle Decor (2012) New Norwegian Talent. Tokio; Nr. 121, Page 57


AD MEXICO (2012) DISENADORES. Lomas de Chapultepec; June, Page 96

art 4d (TH)

Art 4d (2012) Misc Products. Bangkok; March, Page 88


BONYTT (2012) Miniportrett. Oslo; July, Page 15


DI MAGAZINE (2012) Design Time. Beijing; Nr.159, Page 42

Metropolis (US)

Metropolis (2012) Designers`Debutante Ball. New York; March, Page 99


RUM (2012) Att fronta form. Stockholm; April, Page 99

Capital Light (BG)

Capital light (2012), Post-it, Sofia; Nr.20, S.13

Wohnrevue (CH)

Wohnrevue (2011) Maschenware. Zürich; Nr. 02, page 88


FRAME (2011) Best Students of 2010. Amsterdam; Nr. 78, Page 203

Bo Bedre (NO)

Bo Bedre (2011) Design Favoritter. Oslo; Nr 03, Page 22

Design Report (DE)

Design Report (2011) Design report Award 2011. Leinfelden-Echterdingen; Nr. 03, Page 56-67

H-magazine (ES)

H-magazine (2011) Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. Madrid; Nr.121, Mars, Page 124-125


CASAMICA (2011) Al curore del Design. Milano; Nr.05, Page 54

Dwell (USA)

Dwell (2011) Best in Show. San Francisco; Nr. 09, Page 38

Form (DE)

Form (2011) 2D/3D- Licht auf Zug. Frankfurt am Main; Nr. 239, Page 7

Holland Herald - KLM inflight Magazine (NL)

Holland Herald - KLM inflight Magazine (2011) Relax. Amsterdam; July, Page 23

Nytt Rom (NO)

Nytt Rom (2011) Nye Unge i Milano. Oslo; Nr.23, Page 14

 Page (DE)

Page (2011) Handwerk reloaded. Hamburg ; Nr 2, Page 28-29


ID (2010) Define your self. London; Nr. 309, Page 92

House & Garden (UK)

House & Garden (2010) Festival trail. London; September, Page 113


DAMn (2010) Productivity. Brussels; Nr. 25, Page 106

Form (DE)

Form (2010) 2D/3D - Eine stunde rechts, eine links. Frankfurt am Main; Nr. 234, Page 11

Form (SE)

Form (2010) Design Natur. Stockholm; Nr. 7 2010, Page 88-89

Elle Interiør (NO)

Elle Interiør (2010) Back to basics. Oslo; Nr.5, Page 41

Design Interiør (NO)

Design Interiør (2010) På oppdagelsesferd. Oslo; October, Page 29

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (DE)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (2013) Kosmos Offline. München; 1.March, Vol 9

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (DE)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (2013) Kosmos Zwischen den Jahren. München; 25.Januar, Vol 4

Dagbladet Inne & Ute(NO)

Inne & Ute (2012) Tingenes Tilstand. Oslo; 29.August, Page 26

Dagbladet Inne & Ute(NO)

Inne & Ute (2012) Kjøkkenting. Oslo; 08.August, Page 33

Aftenposten (NO)

Aftenposten - Bolig (2012) Henger i Stroppen. Oslo; 25.08.12, Page 4

Bergens Tidende (NO)

Bergens Tidende - Hus & Hjem (2012) Tid for alt. Bergen; 24.08.12, Page 4

Berlingske Tidende Bolig (DK)

Berlingske Tidende Bolig (2010) Designernes Legeplads. København; 28.11.10, page 8-9

Dagbladet Søndag (NO)

Dagbladet Søndag (2012) Akkuratt nå. Oslo; 15.04.12, Page 6

Børsen, Kultur (DK)

Børsen, Kultur (2010) Strikkeur får designpris. København; 26.08.10

Bergens Tidende Kultur (NO)

Bergens Tidende Kultur (2011) To rette og en klokke. Bergen; 11.02, Page 1-3